10 Nov 2009

Iranian Embassy, 4th Nov 2009

Photos, print (c) 2009 Rudolf Cech. All Rights Reserved.

Around 150 people gathered at London's Iran Embassy to mark the 30th anniversary of the American Embassy occupation in Tehran, Iran. On 4th November 1979, a faction of Islamic Republic (the pro-Khomeini students) took its emlployees hostage for 400 days. This day marks the consodolation of the Islamic regime in Iran and Islamist reaction; thus black day for people.
People with green flags showed their solidarity with the Green Movement in Iran.



  1. Great photos. I should have been there, but I'm not sure I neccesarily subscribe to the validity or effectiveness of 'protesting', especially in the UK- a conversation for another time.

    Hats off; and a topic close to my heart.

  2. Thanks, I read there were tens of thousands of protesters in Teheran on that day